Monday, March 19, 2012

Lower Blood Pressure with BeeTroot

Treatment of hypertension with beetroot juice

Only 2 drinks per day (16.9 oz) of beetroot juice can help lower blood pressure significantly, according to a study of hypertension in American Heart Association. This study could have major implications for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases. Nitrates from sugar beet juice is transformed by bacteria into nitrite on the tongue and swallowed saliva, which in the acidic stomach environment, either make or re nitrogen oxide in the circulation as nitrite. Nitric oxide lowers blood pressure because it tells the endoteliumului (lining of blood vessels) to relax. The survey noted the beneficial effects of lowering blood pressure went up to 24 hours

Researchers at St. Bartholomew, London, recruited more healthy volunteers. Some of them were asked to drink a pint of water, others were asked to drink a pint each of red beet juice. One hour after the experiment, study participants who drank beetroot juice showed a significant decrease in blood pressure. Two hours and half of the experiment, systolic blood pressure of subjects who drank beet juice were 10 mm Hg lower than participants who drank the water. Three hours after the experiment, diastolic blood pressure of subjects who consumed juice was 8 mm Hg lower. At 24 hours after the experiment, systolic blood pressure of those who drank juice was still lower than that of participants who drank water with 4 mm Hg, while the diastolic differences were not recorded.


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