Monday, March 19, 2012

High Blood Pressure

Blood flow is due to a pressure difference between high pressure arterial system and low pressure venous system. For example in capillary venous, pressure is close to 0 mmHg. Pressure difference is created by the heart's pumping activity: from left ventricular heart contractions a certain amount of blood (beat flow) is sent in the aorta and large arteries, increasing the pressure in these vessels resulting maximum or systolic pressure.

During the rest of the heart (diastole) blood reaches the tissues by arterioles, which exhibit a resistance to flow: minimum or diastolic pressure results. Resistance to flow is due to the richness of the walls arteriolei muscle fibers, which can be in a state of contraction or expansion, "basic tone" of arterioles, neurovegetative system controlled by various metabolic substances, hormones.

Dilation and constriction of arterioles is determined by different physiological states, exercise, digestion. An increased activity due to increased sympathetic nervous system tone, various hormones (adrenaline, aldosterone), the nature of changes in renal or muscular tunic by fibroscleroza lead to higher minimum pressure.

In some circumstances, the maximum pressure increase preveals (in effort, emotions) in other circumstances an increase in maximum pressure is found even at rest only(eg the elderly), or only the minimum pressure or both. Increased blood pressure is considered maximum over 140 mmHg and minimum over 90 mmHg.

Of course, finding a high blood pressure is not necessarily an indicative of a permanent high blood pressure (hypertension), some growth may be transient due to a higher sensibility. The diagnosis of hypertension should be confirmed only if after 3-4 successive reconsideration.

Pure bio honey can be used to reduce cholesterol, which is a main factor of higher blood pressure. It is known that the cholesterol will lower by 7% after 15 days of using honey.


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